Housing Inspection Foundation
Code of Professional Ethics

The purpose of this code is to establish clear and ethical parameters for the members of the Housing Inspection Foundation,
The Association of Home Inspectors.
We at Fair Home Inspection abide by these parameters.

  1. Member of the Housing Inspection Foundation must conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.
  2. The Home Inspector will always act in good faith towards the client.
  3. The Home Inspector will provide a through and honest opinion of the structure and its contents in accordance with this code and their professional experience.
  4. The Home Inspector will not accept nor make available commissions or allowances, directly or indirectly, and will always perform as a disinterested third party.
  5. The Home Inspector will not disclose any information regarding the Home Inspection without prior approval of the client.
  6. The Home Inspector is responsible for alerting the client to the existence of any outside interest which may affect the client or the quality of the inspection.
  7. The Home Inspector will not accept compensation, monetary or otherwise, from more than one client regarding the same service on the same property without prior consent of all interested parties.
  8. The Home Inspector will not use the inspection process to obtain repair or similar work on the inspected property.
  9. Members should always be aware of the fact that as a Registered Home Inspector (RHI), they represent an Association created to enhance the professional image of its members.
  10. The Home Inspector will report any violations of this code by any member to the Housing Inspection Foundation for necessary action.